Rogers’ Auto Care auto repair in Hinesville, GA – A Trusted Source that Customers Depend On

Your experience at an auto repair shop is dependent on two primary things: the quality of services performed on your vehicle and the way that you are treated while waiting for repairs to be completed. We are proud to succeed in both.

For the past 40 plus years, our family owned business has provided superior automotive diagnostic, repair, and maintenance services for people in the same community where we live.

At Rogers’ Auto Care, we serve customers in Hinesville and surrounding areas. Because of the caliber of work, we rank as the most trusted and reliable source for domestic and foreign auto repair and maintenance in the area.

From the minute that you walk through our doors, you are treated with the utmost respect. We offer a comfortable and clean waiting area, complete with free Wi-Fi.

Prior to doing any work on your vehicle, the technician will inform you of any problems and/or work to be performed. This puts you in control when making an informed decision. When applicable, diagnostic testing is performed using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate results.

While the manufacturer provides the warranty on parts, we offer a 90-day warranty on labor.

At Rogers’ Auto Care in Hinesville, GA, we strive to make you a loyal customer by offering a variety of outstanding services. Our customers have been our number one priority since 1977. Thanks to ongoing education and training, we continue to provide our customers with exemplary services.

For basic maintenance or serious auto repair in Hinesville, GA on the fuel system, brakes, suspension and steering, and more, you can always rely on our experts at Rogers’ Auto Care.

To schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians or for additional information about Rogers’ Auto Care and the services that we provide, please contact us today.